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I understand that selling real estate can be one of the most important decisions you make in your lifetime. As a marketing specialist, I pride myself on showcasing all of the elements, of every property I work with. What will surprise most consumers is that whether we are in a good market, bad market or an average market, agents that are marketing specialists lead the way.

Working with a marketing specialist, like myself will help make the sale of your home a smooth and stress-free experience. With my knowledge and experience, I will be able to supply you with facts, statistics and proven marketing techniques that will help guide you through the selling process. By working together, we will eliminate any concerns or apprehensions you may have.

In any real estate market, you will be competing against many other similar homes for sale. That’s why marketing has become the driving force behind selling any property. The day of putting a sign out front and an ad in the paper and waiting for a buyer, is long gone. In today’s market, technology offers us many new marketing avenues.  For example there’s YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Zillow, Realtor.com and many more websites and search engines available.

Buyers are much more sophisticated and knowledgeable than ever before. That’s just another reason to have a marketing specialist like myself represent you in the selling of your home.  When asked specific or technical questions about your property, you need  a real estate professional that has the knowledge and experience to handle the situation appropriately. There are terms, inspections, pro-rations, special assessments, financial structures, liens, boundary disputes and more that need to be addressed properly.

Another important area is preparing your property to enter the market. I can help you stage your home so it will yield the best presentation and give you the competitive edge needed in your market place. When we get together, I’ll go through a checklist of major items necessary to stage and prepare your home for sale. Remember, we want the Buyer’s first impression to be a lasting one.

Selecting the best price to enter the market is crucial.  That is why I go to great lengths to gather information and statistics about the other homes in the market you are currently competing against.  We will review what is currently on the market, what is pending sale, and most importantly, review the recent closed sales which dictate what the market will bear.

Together we will examine these facts, along with your goals and expectations; we will select the best price for your property to successfully compete in this market.  I will then prepare an exclusive marketing plan that is designed to attract serious and qualified buyers. I will use various forms of advertising to publicize the sale of your home and will also market to the other real estate professionals in the area.  This is a direct avenue to reach all of their pre-qualified and motivated buyers.

I do not take the responsibility of listing your property lightly. I take an aggressive approach to marketing and selling your home, to bring you the best possible value for your property. I pride myself on staying on the cutting edge of technology and staying abreast of an ever changing market.  I know what it takes, in this market, to get the job done.

It is important that you feel comfortable and confident with my knowledge, experience and the company I represent in the real estate industry, along with my successful marketing techniques and how they will benefit you in the sale of your home. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you personally to answer any questions you may have concerning my marketing plan for your home.

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